Friday, May 25, 2012

Diablo3 Apps on Google Play

I Like Diablo3!
I Do not Like to monitor the Server is Available or not?
So create a mini tool to check the Server Status of Diablo3..

Just keep it simple. Clicks the green refresh button. It retrieves server status once. Why not keep check continuously? Because lacks of data plan~

It is not for profit, just for fun..

It is my first App Launches to Android Google Play ^_^
Enjoy it

Latest Version 9.0.9 is updated!

Chinese Version is available on Google Play since 2012/05/30.

You could download it at the following links.

Android app on Google Play

Thursday, May 24, 2012


近來開了一個google play 戶口,想分享既小工具特別多。

今次寫了一個計貓年齡的App, 用來計下貓相對於人既年齡。我的貓已經九十歲了。

方間有d類似既計算軟件... 不過計到我隻貓有百幾歲..,好難接受~  所以幾經辛苦搵到個好d既 formula,來計下貓的年齡,希望大家鐘意,有興趣可以下載試試

Android app on Google Play

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Diablo 3!! Finally~

I have been waiting it about 7 years!!

I have just got it by HKD359 with the poster~

Time to Fight!!!

My Witch Doctor is level 37 now!!